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Criminal Law Practice

Criminal Law Defense- Putnam County, and Surrounding Counties, Tennessee
We know that being charged with a crime is stressful and confusing. The authorities who are supposed to protect and serve you are suddenly “on the other side.” Even worse, the court system is slanted heavily against you. Sure, we hear people say “innocent until proven guilty” and “proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” but those phrases don’t make you feel better when it seems like the whole system is forcing you into a corner.

We can help.

We have handled hundreds of cases similar to yours. Although every case is unique, we know the legal pressure points, factual investigations, and the trial strategies which can help flip the odds in your favor. In most cases, we will have specific experience in handling cases against the law enforcement officials involved in your case. After a free consultation, we can outline the steps necessary to move your case in a positive direction.

Drug Defense and DUI

DUI laws are complicated. The penalties are severe. Be certain you select the right law firm.

DUI Arrests:

DUI charges are extremely complex and serious for several reasons. Because of the political attention which is constantly given to this type of crime, the law changes frequently. Additionally, DUI charges carry serious consequences, mandatory jail time and loss of your driver’s license, which can make normal life extremely difficult

For these reasons, every person charged with a DUI needs an attorney. At Chaffin, Chaffin & Pinson, we constantly work to have an up to date understanding of this technical area of law. In doing this, we are able to best obtain a result which will allow your life to go back to normal.

Drug Laws and Drug Charges:

If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with a drug crime like possession of a controlled substance, there are steps you can take now to understand the situation and protect your legal rights. If you’re looking for legal help now, contact us today for a free consultation, and subsequent expert advice.

Business / Transactional Law

Types of Business / Transactional Law
At Chaffin, Chaffin & Pinson, we handle a large amount of contract related work and litigation. We have experience advising clients regarding the creation of partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations, assisting clients with drafting complex business succession plans and also handling business litigation. Our attorneys at Chaffin, Chaffin & Pinson are equally able to help you create your business, sell your business, plan to successfully pass your business to the next generation of owners, or defend your business in complex litigation scenarios.

Real Estate

Real Estate Law
The decision to purchase or sell a home is often one of the most important choices of a lifetime. Owning a home is something to be proud of. Selling a home is a big decision as well. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years, or it’s a house you’ve built/ remodeled to sell, we know there is still an emotional attachment. We at Chaffin, Chaffin & Pinson take as much pride in your home as you do. We have 20 plus years of experience in implementing real estate transactions, and we will be able to make yours easy for you.

We complete multiple real estate transactions weekly. We also handle numerous types of land lawsuits, including partition suits, boundary line disputes and other real estate related matters. Please contact us with all your real estate needs.

Personal Injury Law

Types of Personal Injury Law Cases
Chaffin, Chaffin & Pinson offers experienced representation in all sorts of personal injury cases. These cases include auto accidents, trucking accidents, slip and fall, and wrongful death. After you or a loved one is injured in an accident, the most important step is to get proper medical treatment. However, if the accident was caused by the negligence or fault of another party, it is also vital to protect your legal rights.

Our attorneys have handled personal injury cases all over Middle Tennessee, and, after a free consultation, we can help evaluate your case and provide honest, clear, and candid opinions regarding your case, your legal options, and potential recovery. We will thoroughly prepare your claim, working to preserve evidence, gather witness testimony, and fight with insurance companies to get the best value for your case. Our goal is to help you obtain full compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, future medical issues, and put you back where you were before the accident.

Family Law Practice

Types of Family Law
Family law is a broad area of litigation that covers a wide variety of issues between family members and other relatives. Family law attorneys help individuals resolve their differences after they have exhausted all other avenues of mediation. Whether ending a difficult marriage or establishing a conservatorship, people turn to family law attorneys to provide guidance throughout the process. Facilitating adoptions or marriage counseling are some of the benefits of family law as well.

Family law is divided into a number of very diverse fields. It is split primarily into two sections, one of which involves divorce and marital issues, and the other that involves custody and family situations.

Marriage-related family law includes:

  • Divorce
  • Annulments
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Separation
  • Pre and postnuptial agreements
  • Name Changes, both before and after marriage

Other types of family law include:

  • Dependency law
  • Adoptions
  • Restraining orders
  • Visitation
  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships (Elder Law)
  • Emancipation
  • Juvenile delinquencies/dependencies

Family law often involves complicated and emotionally charged issues, several of which require an outside mediator to resolve. It takes a committed and compassionate lawyer to provide guidance for families during these types of difficult processes. Even though the courts assist individuals in small ways during these types of family law issues, an objective and independent lawyer is often needed to help bring an equitable and just resolution to your problems.

If you have any questions about any of the types of family law or if you have a concern that only an experienced Family Law Attorney can address, you need to contact a Family Law Attorney right away. You are entitled to compassion and guidance during this difficult period so that you can get the closure that you deserve.

Civil Law Practice

Types of Civil Law Cases
Civil law includes nearly everything lawyers can do. At Chaffin, Chaffin & Pinson, we handle cases in most legal areas. In addition to the specific practice areas stated above, we handle many cases in the areas of:

Several common types of civil litigation include:

  • Employment & Labor
  • Estate Planning / Probate
  • Civil Rights
  • Eminent Domain
  • Landlord / Tenant Disputes
  • Appellate Litigation
  • Administrative Law

If we cannot handle your case, we can help get you in contact with an attorney who specializes.