Drug Defense and DUI Lawyers in Cookeville

Drug Defense and DUI Lawyers in Cookeville, TN

Looking for Drug charge defense or dui defense? Drug Charges and DUI lawyers in Cookeville- Attorneys Chaffin Chaffin and Giaimo

Drug Defense and DUI Lawyer Cookeville- Cookeville-Attorneys Chaffin Chaffin and Giaimo

DUI laws are complicated. The penalties are severe.

Be certain you select the right law firm.


DUI Arrests:

Unlike the other driving offenses, defending a DUI charge usually requires a lawyer because the consequences of a DUI conviction are so serious. If you want to fight the case all the way through a trial, You need to contact Chaffin, Chaffin and Giaimo as soon as possible to discuss your case, and achieve the greatest outcome.

If you face a DUI charge you first need to figure out 1) whether fighting the charge in your case would likely result in a successful outcome, and 2) whether you can handle the case yourself in the course of entering a plea or arranging a plea bargain. Serious charges require an attorney’s help. Second and subsequent DUI charges, juvenile DUI, DUI charges that involve injury or death, and DUIs in which you had a very high blood alcohol content can result in a substantially more serious punishment, and the laws concerning these more serious DUI offenses vary enormously from state to state.

Drug Laws and Drug Charges:

If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with a drug crime like possession of a controlled substance, there are steps you can take now to understand the situation and protect your legal rights. If you’re looking for legal help now, contact us today for a free consultation, and subsequent expert advice.

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