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Criminal Law Defense- Putnam County, and Surrounding Counties, Tennessee

Being charged with a crime is stressful and confusing.  Those normally in a position of trust — the police and prosecutors — are suddenly “on the other side.”  Worse, Tennessee’s procedures seem tilted against the defendant. Sure, there are platitudes such as “presumption of innocence” and “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” However, in Tennessee, there is also jury recommended sentencing without context and limited discovery.

Whatever the cause, it is a fact that some people are wrongfully convicted of crimes. Defense lawyers work hard to avoid this.

Our firm focuses on a variety of criminal laws.  However, we have specialized information for business crimes (also called “white collar” crimes) and for serious traffic cases such as drunk driving (DWI / DUI) and Reckless Driving.

We Have the Experience to Aggressively Represent You

We’re unique criminal defense attorneys — we’re one of the largest firms in Putnam County, Tennessee that defends criminal law cases.  Our team of attorneys and staff are highly skilled and ready to defend you on whatever charge you are up against.

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